A Quick Guide to
Product Safety

When purchasing products that will represent your brand, you must ensure that these items will not cause harm to others, and will not result in diminishing the quality and reputation of your name. The majority of buyers now ask if products are certified, but there's much more to it than this single, very loosely orientated question.

Do the certificates apply to appropriate local laws?

i.e. Prop 65 for California

Do the certificates apply to appropriate age and category groups?

i.e. CPSIA for children
i.e. FDA for products that come in contact with consumables

How do you know this certificate is for your product?

Do the production date and test dates match?
Does the test report contain a picture of your product with your logo?
Is the test from an internationally dependable source?

At Promobilia we ensure all these points are checked off so that in case of any claim or action against our product, you're well protected. I urge you to take any of your previous overseas projects as a case study and ask your distributor these questions. They will not be able to tick off all these checkboxes. On top of all this, we have a rigorous procedure of vetting that every factor has to go through before we even consider working with them.

Do factory workers get paid fairly?

  • We have full employee lists at every vendor and we can tell you exactly who touched your product, how long they touched it for, and what they did with it.
  • As most staff are migrants, the workers' children must have access to education.
  • Access to clean water, electricity, nutritional food provided in the cantina.

What chemicals do the staff come in contact with?

  • We require our vendors to provide monthly training logs.
  • We require our vendors to provide annual machine maintenance logs.
  • Emergency evacuation plans and training.

How are their chemical wastes disposed of?

  • Raw materials are brought in from areas without conflict of war or severe poverty.

Order safely and most importantly, with virtue and responsibility.
Choose your next promotional product supplier only after having your important questions answered.

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