Molson Canadian Speaker

We work with the alcohol industry quite often. Many distributors would love to win these large scale jobs but journey from start to finish is a long one. This particular case study took 9 months from idea conception to final delivery. There are three key focus points to winning these opportunities: 1. On brand 2. Creative 3. Product compliance I started with an iconic symbol of Molson Canadian, their fridge. I considered many iterations of design, but the virtual above helped us decide on the final look. Next, I chose each and every single component of the speaker and circuit board to ensure it could pass the highest standards of RoHS, UL, and REACH. Finally, the price. The liquor laws in Canada dictate that the value of the product being handed out cannot surpass 10% of the retail value of the alcohol being sold. We have a very tight budget to make a decent quality speaker with the highest of safety ratings. The major cost contributor of this product is the labor, and we needed to cut back on the assembly time. I redesigned the housing unit to what you see in front of you now. By altering this design, I was able to reduce the assembly time of one unit from approximately 90 seconds, down to 12; significantly cutting production costs while maintaining the on brand look, speaker quality, and electronic safety.
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