Great Canadian Gaming Duffel Bag

Looking for something sleek and sexy? Useful and professional? One of the most experienced reps in the industry chose to partner with us on this project. We’re very lucky to have a hand to play in this amazing project. At Promobilia, we can tailor every tiny detail of a bag from custom liners, custom zipper pulls, and even custom trim colours! Work with our very experienced team and we can help you navigate the murky waters of custom ordering. At the end of the day, we want to deliver a product that is exactly what the end user had in mind. A perfect product that guarantees their marketing dollars were well spent, so that they can keep coming back again and again. >*“As the backpacks were a huge success for a staff holiday season gift in 2016, we added a matching duffel bag for the staff holiday season gift the following year in 2017. Promobilia was amazing to work with on this custom offshore job.”* >__Terry Cochrane__ >The Image Group, Vancouver, BC
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